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Life's Irony
Submitted by: Kunle "Kool Heart" Olawale
I like to do wishful thinking

Though I sometimes end up sinking

I'd love to build castles in the sky

Or at least give it a try

I'd like to catch one of 'em shooting stars

And probably get a ride to mars

I'd love to swim in the ocean of love

Spread my wings and cruise the skies like a dove

I'd really like to find the A.I.D.S cure

Show the world how 1 and 1 can make four

I'd really love to be the world's greatest poet

Before the interruption of that impolite man called "Death"

I'd love to visit heaven

And be back home before dinner at seven

I'd love to just see hell

So I can have stories to tell

I wish I knew more about the bible

I don't even understand the title

I really wish I would never have to die

Pointless really telling you why.

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